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“I come here for lunch ALL THE TIME. They have a good selection of hot foods, sandwiches, smoothies, and yogurt. They also have a lunch special that includes half of a panini sandwich, soup, and water.. ” - Farah K.
“Mish Mash is one of my favorite lunch places in Brooklyn! the food is amazing. they offer a huge salad bar, where you can make your own salad and add in tons of goodies. They have a huge selection of ready made wraps and paninis. OR you can opt to create your own. So GREAT! They also have a whole selection of prepared cook food and soups. A lot of this is like homemade Russian style that your grandma made for you. It's so delicious! THEIR BORSCH IS TO DIE FOR!” - Vera L.
“Great fresh salads and great breakfast omelets. They have awesome bacon! I eat here frequently. They know me by my order...” - Joey C.
“Wow!! What an amazing transformation of this place from what it used to be. The selection of hot steam table is awesome!! The food taste really good!! I think they got a new Chef in the kitchen. The pastry and sweet is also nice. Oh god I love theirs new banana nut bread!!! Its just amazing, I know I tried it some other places but this bread is the best!! The selections of the soup is very good as well! Anyway, its going to be my fav place from now on. Will recommend it as well!” - Mike S.
“Great lunch options! Mish Mash also has frozen yogurt and fabulous fresh juice.” - Natali S.
“Great food, great soups and salads and other sandwiches. I eat here almost every afternoon. The service is great when there's not too many people, they serve you pretty quick and it's not all that expensive, defiantly coming back again.” - Milana P.
“Manhattan-type bistro in Brooklyn. Salad bar, good soups, great food.” - Michael J.
“My fav fav fav place!!!! i work a block away from mishmash, and i always go in there, for soup or salads.....their hot food always looks and smells so delicious but its too heavy for me to eat during work, so i stick to my salads. the staff are so friendly, and the place is always clean, always packed with people.....their frozen yogurt is also delicious I love it.” - Odelia A.
“they did amazing catering for my party. very fresh and tasty food. salads and sandwiches were great will use them again!” - Linda B.
“Me and my wife came here a few weeks ago and all I can say is wow! the wraps, paninis and sandwiches are all so fresh, it felt like they have a garden in the back and harvest the vegetables every morning. The staff is very nice. The next day at work I convinced my coworkers to have food catered the following week for the boss' birthday, since the catering menu seemed intriguing. Most of them always wanted to try russian-inspired cuisine, but never wanted to go to the loud restaurants full of grandmas covered in gold and overweight chiropractors with their 18 year old girlfriends. So we gave it a try and I must say the food was terrific. The lamb chops were so finger licking good that I refused to wash my hands so that I can smell them the next morning when I wake up. To all the guys out there that come home to a wife that complains about boiling potatoes, I recommend you cater to your office and get some wholesome food, and then bring the leftovers home and tell your wife to drop her chopsticks. All in all, this is the place to go if you want a quick fix or want to throw a party and impress your coworkers. Next time skip the tray of baked ziti from your local pizza place and get the lamb pilaf at MishMash.” - David R.
“Cute place with very fresh food. It was a little chilly that day so I enjoyed some chicken noodle soup. It was very good. I also enjoyed the bonus garlic herb bread that came on the side. The horseradish pickle was also a nice edition. When I come back I really want one of the mixed salads.” - Caitlin W.
“Mish Mash is a clean, comfy, cozy little place to eat. Their food is healthy and deliciously prepared daily. From a variety of Paninis, Sandwiches, Wraps, hot dishes prepared daily, and great soups. They also have a build your own salad section. trust me you will find what your craving for. I've just tasted their fresh made juice and its very nice and so fresh. Their staff is friendly and the delivery man who doesn't speak English very well makes an effort to say hello every day he sees me. Great service.” - Juan Carlos C.
“Excellent healthy food choice on Kings Highway, in a sea of fast food choices. Food always fresh with great selection. Many delicious choices The lunch special is great, and the employees are friendly and engaging. the soups are especially good.” - Andrew G.
“Fresh salads, nice fruit, beautiful wraps, delish fruit & yogurt smoothie. Lots to choose from. Wi-Fi! A really nice eatery in the busy shopping district that's quick, easy, reasonably priced and unpretentious. A winner.” - Sharon C.
“It's a little pricy, decor very simple, but food is very good. And by very good I mean really ;) menu is very simple, usually 4 choices . But it's good. And it's 35% off after 6 pm ;)” - Tim G.